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Ok, Christmas shopping is in FULL swing. Is anybody else starting to feel a little stressed? Especially with the added element of scheduling drop-offs for everybody’s gifts since we won’t be celebrating together (so sad!!!!). But fear not, I’ve got some amazing gift ideas for HIM today. Men can be so tricky to shop for. If your guys are anything like the men in my family, it’s impossible to squeeze wish lists out of them. But whether you’re shopping for dad, your brother, or your SO, I’ve got you covered!!

1.Anthony Moisturizer and Cleanser 2. Bruush Electric Toothbrush 3. Philips S7000 Shaver 4. VTMN Packs 5. Jimmy Winter Jacket by Toboggan 6. Fitbit Sense  7. Ekster Vachetta Parliament Wallet 8. Garmin Golf Ball GPS 9. Saucony Triumph 18 Running Shoes 10. BC Living’s Extraordinary Man Editor’s Box 11. Saax Boxers

Self Care

I find that the men in my life won’t upgrade their self-care routine unless it’s a gift, but are soso thankful when somebody else does it for them LOL! Who wouldn’t want to up their self-care game!? Especially right now, I think every man could use a refresher on the basics of self-care. Bye-bye rough skin and Movember staches.

Philips S7000 Shaver

This shaver is PERFECT for any guy with sensitive skin, which nowadays is pretty much everybody thanks to face masks. This shaver was co-developed with dermatologists to keep skin feeling super soft after a close shave. It also connects to the GroomTribe app, which gives him personalized feedback and advice based on his skin concerns!!! How cool is that!?

Anthony Skincare

The All Purpose Facial Moisturizer by Anthony is Gary’s FAVOURITE. He also loves the Algae Facial Cleanser (which I’m totally guilty of stealing in the shower). These two make such a great gifting duo that any guy would love. There are also gift sets that you can find here that make great gifts as well!! 

VTMN Packs

I’m sure you guys have noticed my new VTMN regiment that I’ve been sharing on Instagram and our blog yesterday 5 Tips for Making Vitamins a Daily Habit. VTMN Packs creates personalized vitamin packages for you based on your health assessment test and then delivers them to your door in little daily packages! I’m obsessed with mine and need to get Gary on the vitamin train too.

Bruush Electric Toothbrush

I love the festive red limited edition electric toothbrush by Bruush! But I think most guys are like Gary and would like to black. I’m definitely down for the white of course!! Getting a new toothbrush for Christmas has always been a tradition at our house. I sometimes worry about electric toothbrushes being too harsh on my gums, but this one was designed with dentists to make sure that won’t happen. It also has six different cleaning modes so that you can change your brushing routine up based on your needs!

Wardrobe Upgrade

Christmas is a great excuse to sneak some elevated wardrobe staples into his life. All my male family members are super appreciative when they get gifted items for their wardrobes because they’re not usually the ones to go out and buy them for themselves. 

Jimmy Winter Jacket by Toboggan Canada

If there’s one thing everybody’s going to need for the remainder of the chilly months, it’s a good parka. With all the extra time at home, I’ve found it SUPER essential to get out for daily walks, which means bundling up!! I’ll be gifting this parka to Gary so he can stay toasty on our daily adventures. 

Saxx Boxers

Saxx are a no brainer for Christmas. They make the best stocking stuffers, and every guy LOVES them. I’ve obviously never worn them myself, but all I know is Gary asks for new ones… Every. Single. Year. They come in some really fun prints like these super cute gingerbread men, but also basic colours for the more minimal guys in your life. 

Ekster Vachetta Parliament Wallet

We all know the guy walking around with a wallet that is currently being held together by a thread. He might be your husband, he might be your brother, or he might be your father-in-law. Either way—it’s time to UPGRADE him!!! This super-sleek Italian leather wallet is perfect for the minimal man. It cuts down on clutter by making everything easier to access without the bulk. I’m also adding in the Ekster’s credit card-sized tracker card so Gary will never have to ask me where his wallet is again!! The card links up to his phone, making it easy to find wherever it is. 


Now more than ever, taking the time to get outside or move your body is soso important. Whether that’s getting out for a round of golf, or home-workouts in the garage, we’ve got the gear he’ll need. 

Saucony Canada Triumph 18 Running Shoes

I love how simple and sleek these runners are. The added cushion gives extra support and spring, which makes them super comfortable. Perfect for everything from long-distance runs to HIIT training in the back yard!

Fitbit Sense

This Fitbit is brand new and has the most advanced combination of sensors EVER, which will give him an amazing level of understanding about his body. It’s even the first smartwatch with a built-in stress management sensor!! While I’m sure Gary will love this for his workouts, I really appreciate how you can use it to improve your overall health. They’ve really thought of everything!

Garmin Golf Ball GPS

Ok, any golf-lover will absolutely freak out over this one. The Garmin Approach Z82 shows a map of the hole layout, wind speed, GPS ball tracking, and so many other features making it ideal for perfecting his game. I got Gary one similar for his birthday, but he’s already eyeing this one up!!! Pair with some golf balls (these are Gary’s favourites) and you’ll have one happy guy. 


Something Different

I always like to throw in a few gifts that they’d never see coming. Something unexpected really brings that WOW factor to any Christmas, and I can’t resist seeing the look on Gary’s face when I manage to surprise him!!

Car Detailing Kit

This one is honestly just as much for me as it is for Gary… I’m hoping that once his car is all shiny and detailed, he’ll do mine too!!! LOL! I feel like everybody is in need of projects right now, and this is one project I know Gary would absolutely love to make a habit of.

BC Living’s Extraordinary Man Editor’s Box

This one is soso amazing. I can’t wait to gift it! A subscription to the BC Living Extraordinary Man Editor’s Box basically means a year’s worth of surprises. The box gets delivered to your door every 90 days and is packed with a curated assortment of local products ranging from grooming to apparel. It was even voted “Best Men’s Box” in the 2020 Canadian Subscription Box Awards, and I can’t wait to see what’s in them! 


1.Anthony Moisturizer and Cleanser 2. Bruush Electric Toothbrush 3. Philips S7000 Shaver 4. VTMN Packs 5. Jimmy Winter Jacket by Toboggan 6. Fitbit Sense  7. Ekster Vachetta Parliament Wallet 8. Garmin Golf Ball GPS 9. Saucony Triumph 18 Running Shoes 10. BC Living’s Extraordinary Man Editor’s Box 11. Saax Boxers

Now that you’ve got tons of ideas in every category for the men in your life, it’s time to move on to gifts for your HOME! I’ll be sharing that next so stay tuned. I always love getting a few things for the home around the holidays as a great way to feel set for the new year. Let me know any great gift ideas that you have for the home below! You never know… maybe you’ll see them turn up in my Gift Guide!!



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