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As many of you know, I’m incredibly passionate about health and fitness. I think it’s SO important to move your body and to fuel it with nourishing foods. In saying that, I have such an EXCITING announcement to make. I have been selected as one of three Canadian Global Ambassadors for Saucony Canada. On April 5th and 6th, I participated in two fun and fitness filled days with Saucony Canada.

DAY 1:

My day one with Saucony Canada was a true Vancouver couple of days in our city, it rained non-stop! With that being said, nothing stops Vancouverites from running the beautiful seawall in the rain. I bundled up in my new Saucony Canada gear and ventured out for a very WET run and bike ride. This Saucony Canada jacket that I’m wearing was so light and breathable, but it STILL kept me dry in the rain! That’s a winner in my books.

Halfway through our adventure, we had the tastiest rice bowl at Field and Social one of my FAVOURITE healthy lunch spots when I’m on the run.

We also stopped for an afternoon tea break at Nelson The Seagull, a spot that one of my girlfriends co-owns, YAY! I love when females support other females. Nelson The Seagull is so quinnestially Vancouver.

We did some more running (phew!) and then we went back to the hotel. I had a longgggg hot shower and then I got ready for dinner. We definitely earned our meal that night! I had an amazing day one with Saucony Canada. Whenever you get that much fresh air you KNOW you’re going to be sleeping well that night.  

DAY 2:

The next day we were up early and met the Saucony Canadateam and our media and influencers group at Movement 108.

Our task for the morning? A quick running warm up around the area and then a high-intensity circuit training workout. It pushed everyone’s limits and challenged us in new ways. We worked in small groups and partners which made the workout go by even faster. Teamwork makes the dream work as they say!

My black Saucony Canada shoes that I’m wearing in the above photo are AMAZING for training and workouts. The ultra-cushioned soles helped me to stay comfortable all day long! After our intense workout, we headed over to Glory Juice on West 4th one of my absolute favourite juice spots in the city. I’m obsessed with Glory’s creamy nutty smoothie bowl and I eat their hummus toast on the regular! I recommend Glory to EVERYONE. I’m pretty sure I saw about 5 creamy nutty bowls circulating... 😉

Everyone had such a great time and it was so nice to be able to share some of my favourite places with the group…. and now you!


1) The Scoot Crop

2)  My Saucony Originals

3)  The Finishing Kick Crop

4) The Ride ISO Sneakers

5)  The Bell Lap Seamless Tank

6) The Tempo Long Sleeve

Have any of you guys tried Saucony Canada’s new gear?! Let me know in the comments below. I can’t recommend it enough. As I found out this week, it’s very waterproof haha.

Xx, n 

Thank you to Saucony Canada for sponsoring this post, all comments and opinions are my own.


June 25, 2018


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