Fall Refresh and Living Room Reveal

Natalie Langston


After a busy summer being out and about, fall brings me home. There’s nothing I love more than getting cozy at home with my boys. Because we spend more time at home through fall and winter, it’s the perfect time to refresh this space. It’s always way easier than I think to make my space feel new again using pillows, throw blankets, accent decor and, of course, a rug. I’m super excited to share the reveal for our Living Room space as part of my Home Tour series. 

I’m so excited to finally finish this space. YAY! Pillows were (and generally are) the final piece to the puzzle. In my house with two little boys running around, my decor has to be a mix of practical, functional and beautiful. In any season or holiday, I don’t like to overdo it. You won’t see a ton of pumpkins, ghosts and themed seasonal items however a few carefully chosen pieces is the way to go. 

I love having a neutral base to work with. This is especially true when it comes to couches and rugs which are staples. When these big pieces are neutral it’s easy to incorporate pillows and details on a seasonal basis to change things up. I’m also thinking ahead – pillow covers and inserts are easy to switch out at Christmas for holiday pops of red and creams to again refresh the space…. Oh what a wonderful time of year! 

Anyways! Back to the present and our fall refresh, haha… I’m absolutely OBSESSED with the colour tones we chose from Tonic Living. Living room dreams are coming true right here. And surprisingly Gary didn’t blink an eye and was totally into it. Score! It’s a bit of a colour extension from our dining room and I really like all the complementary tones and textures we’re bringing through.. 


Pillows from Tonic Living, a family-owned home decor shop based in Toronto, Canada are the best. Their fresh patterns and curated mix of classic and trendy pillows means there is always something beautiful to choose from. The high performance fabrics are also incredible making them substantial and durable aka kid-proof! 








For the Living Room we went with a mix of colours and textures.

Lottie 22×22 Pillow, Cameo – LOVE this peachy, blush pink pillow with chunky, hand-woven texture. These are as comfy as they are gorgeous. 

Jackie 20×20 Pillow, SpotsThis subtle leopard print pattern is incredible. I love that it’s so unique but fits in so well with the other patterns, complimenting everything. 

Constance Swiss Dot 24×24 Pillow, Vanilla – With the gorgeous texture of embroidered dots this pillow is anything but vanilla! A great one for layering! And makes the perfect base for seasonal changes. 

Pyla 14×20 Pillow, Dune – The chunky weave and pattern on this pillow is to die for. The mix of sand, mink, taupe and brown tones are just neutral enough while still standing out. 

Keely Check 20×20 Pillow, Birch – I fell in love with this casual classic right away. I love check pillows and the chunky woven texture and stitched pattern is so perfect against the irregular patterns of the others. 


Let’s talk about the Living Room throws from Tonic Living – omg the quality is like nothing else. They are SO beautiful, so well-made but not too thick. The perfect consistency for fall when you want to get a little cozy at the end of the day. The two we went with get lots of use and are are soft as they look.










Silvero Cotton Throw Blanket, Pepper The chunky weave and gorgeous black and white pattern is perfect against the pillows. This blanket is handcrafted in Paraguay by local artisans using traditional techniques and looms. It’s made of fair-trade, ethically and locally sourced materials. 

Rafael Cotton Throw Blanket, Cream This blanket is also handcrafted in Paraguay by local artisans and made of fair-trade, ethically and locally sourced materials.The neutral colour and accent black and grey makes me want to wrap it around me and wear it! 

Area Rug 

To keep things neutral and fresh looking, we replaced our area rug with a very similar style from Rugs USA, the Veronica Wool Braided Off White Rug in 9×12. I absolutely LOVE the colour which is such a beautiful neutral base and texture that this braided rug brings to this space. It’s perfect for our living room. An area rug can make your space. This one provides a cozy, warm feel I was looking for this fall. 











Accent Decor – vases and candles and greenery, oh my! 

Some last minute additions were the accent decor pieces from Urban Barn that really elevate the space and make the living room feel uniquely ours. I just love some of the pieces we chose!! I was looking to update our mantle with some new candlesticks and greenery and ended up getting everything we needed for side tables and finishing pieces for our living room and dining room all in one place. I can’t get over how incredible the selection was and how affordable they are!! 



I love the ceramic vases we chose. I love the tree with the white planter bringing in a fresh feel that is also super homey and cozy. The tree ties in with the greenery on the mantle and the ceramic vase here. I’m obsessed with these candlesticks. They are the perfect height to offset the home sweet home sign. The big ceramic vase with pampas grass next to the fireplace just works perfectly there. The matching baskets on the other side with a throw and some birch wood create more of that cozy homey feel as well as doubling as storage. Always lots of throws in my living room; don’t be afraid to decorate your shelves with them! Guests will always feel cozy in my home plus our house is like an icebox in the summer so we keep those handy all year round. 

Side table stump from CF Interiors I placed a couple small pumpkins in white and gold to bring the gold detail in, with one layered on top of some fun coasters from Urban Barn to create heights along with a gold accent piece I thought was perfect. 

Here are the links to some of the living room accessories I chose: 

Ruta Artichoke Balls – I love nature-inspired décor. The distressed white finish on these artichokes makes them super ease to style. 

Minto Bals Antique Brass – these accessories give the room such dimension! There are so many places I could have put them. The iron with an antique brass finish adds that finishing touch to the living room. 

Tristin Olive Tree – yes to greenery! Especially in fall, having plants inside makes the space feel so fresh and alive. This one is artificial but honestly looks so real. With so many humans to keep alive I can appreciate a plant that doesn’t need anything! 

Waco Planter – be still my neutral loving heart! I got this living room planter in large because of its simple, modern style. The speckled concrete finish is so clean looking. I love this piece! 

Moncton PItcher Vase – Whether empty or with a few flowers or a bit of greenery, these vases are great for the living room. They’re super versatile and can transition between seasons if you love them!

Tristan Olive Branch – Always good to have an olive branch on hand, ha! This beautiful substitute for the real thing, gives a gorgeous Mediterranean feel that again, doesn’t require any plant care like the real stuff. I love how it looks in the Moncton pitcher. 

Ethel Leaf Bunch Greenery – I love living room greenery! This realistic looking foliage adds great leafy texture to the room and can be moved from vase to vase as needed. It’s a great neutral compliment if I wanted to add brighter or bigger pieces of greenery. 

Primrose Vases – these Greecian-inspired vases are perfect for my living room vision. They’re beautifully textured ceramic and super versatile. 

Carmina Vases – I went with these in both large and small – the influence of soft grey colour gives them real dimension and compliments other pieces in the dining and living room. They’re made from stoneware and look great with greenery on their own. These are super versatile. 

Taia Vase Even in the small size, this vase is so impressive looking. The ceramic and ridged pattern is so classy looking. I love the way this vase fits into the space.  

Vanya Candle Holders Having these classic candle holders on the mantle was a no-brainer. I love the traditional element they bring to the living room. The classic shape and antique white finish are perfect for any living room mantle. 

Harlan Candle Holder – For the coffee table, these candle holders in large was an easy choice. The classic shape and warm brass finish complements the neutral shades in the room so well, tying it all together.  

Lulana baskets – I picked up these in both sizes. They’re so versatile and I love that I can tuck a few things away or store throws and pillows if we’re short on couch space. 

Sassy coasters  I love coasters and sassy ones are even better! These are a perfect touch for the side stump and guests love them! 

Nova Stumps – These gorgeous stumps from CF Interiors are made from solid, upcycled salvaged Spruce and Pine from British Columbia. They’re so sturdy and beautiful and I love that they’re made from local wood. 

Cali coasters – These guys are less sassy but perfectly practical to protect the table and bring some neutral dimension to the space. I love these guys especially for hot drinks.  



Coffee Table Styling 101 

Coffee table styling used to be a passion of mine. I find with two young kids and hands that like to move things around I do less of it these days but I wanted to give you guys some ideas of the possibilities. I shot two different ways to decorate your coffee table to show how easy it is to change this up but also what a big difference it can make to the room! 

Always start with a tray to protect the table. I used this Charlize Mirror Tray from Urban Barn. I play a lot with heights. I like to include some greenery that is higher, something lower like a candle or decorative items like the artichokes. Next something with texture like the rattan coasters, and then pull fall in with a cute little sign. I also wanted to bring in some gold with the candlestick holders and chose to forgo the candle part and use it as an accent piece instead. I love the option to drape a throw over our coffee table. So many of our throws double as coffee table covers. 

I keep it fresh with florals from Maple Ridge Florist. These blush tones, creams and whites are perfect for fall and the height is lower which is key. Add a candle and some prayer beads and then a book to help with layers and you’re good to go! 

Dining Room 

My dining room is an extension of the living room with the same colour tones running through. For the open plan living room/ dining room design, I chose decor accent pieces that would flow nicely throughout both spaces. 

A vase can be an ideal way to ground the room and tie it all together. For this I chose a smaller Carmina Vase from Urban Barn at the centre of our long salvaged wood dining table from Restoration Hardware. 

Of course we went with a custom-made wood bench from CF Interiors and Lambert blush dining chairs from Urban Barn as well. I love the way the blush works with the neutral tones and gives a bit of dimension and softness. 


I paired the ceramic vase with a beautiful Laila Candle Holder. I went with the small size of this candle holder for the dining room table. These guys are very stable looking which I love for the table where things could be moving around. The grey really anchors them and is still super neutral. I added some prayer beads and another candle from Canvas Candle Co. You can’t go wrong with these candles. Each one smells so incredible and they’re made by an incredible local, women-run business. Check out some of the winter and fall scents now available. Fireside and Woodland are some of my favourites. 


On the side nook, I chose Rife Candle Holders. All three sizes of these candle holders look perfect in this area. I love the layered look and the dimension they bring.  A mini tray to match the one in the living room with a ceramic case, champagne glass and another candle finish the look. To bring some fall feeling, I added a gold pumpkin in the corner along with my Comfort Zone room scent which is heavenly. I tied the dining room all together with a traditional style blush pink rug with rich cream and navy tones from HomeSense Canada. This anchoring piece really cements the flow of the open plan living room and dining room set up. 

It’s so much fun looking around for seasonal pieces that, without much effort, can make your whole living space feel new again. I love a great mix of classic and contemporary so my style is unique which makes it feel like home. Pampas grass is a great way to bring in a little of my laid back, easy going personality and boho vibes into this space. 

A few of my other favourite pieces in this space are the side table, beautiful velvet chairs and tufted coffee table from Mobilia Canada. The Mobilia pieces I’ve linked are exactly what I have as mine are a few years old but the links are close, it makes me want to refresh those too! I absolutely adore the way those three pieces fit our space perfectly. This lamp is from Peridot Home. I got it a while ago and I believe the company has rebranded to Rose & Funk. They’re in Fort Langley and have some incredibly cute, and funky, stuff. 

I get a lot of our artwork from Minted. They curate unique and diverse designs from all over the world. There’s always so much to choose from to match any space. I really enjoy browsing their website and finding the perfect piece! 

My Home Sweet Home signs and round mirror are from Town and Country Vintage Home. I love those sweet pieces that bring life to our home. It’s so important to me that we have our personal stamp on the space and this sign makes my heart so happy. For this reason I always reserve a side shelf for framed photos of our family. While I love to refresh these photos there’s something so special about having a selection from over the years to look at. 

So now we’re into October and my living room refresh is complete! I guess I better start preparing for Christmas! Just kidding, I fully intend to get cozy and enjoy this space for at least a few weeks before I move into the next holiday season. Have you refreshed your space for fall yet? What are your favourite pieces linked above? Anything I missed that would really make my open plan design pop? This community always has such great design tips, I want to hear what you think!


Images by Teryn Lee Photography

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