Fall fashion… (ft bump)

Natalie Langston


Here we are… I’m counting the WEEKS until this sweet boy is in my arms and no longer in my belly. I can’t believe how quickly time has whizzed by. I feel like Gary and I were celebrating the news just yesterday. The last 6 months has represented a lot of changes; changes in my diet, changes in my sleep, changes in my mentality and changes in what I wear (RIP to my favourite skinny jeans). This journey has also represented a lot of learning and as always – I want to share as much of my knowledge as I can with you.

Yes, I’m talking about maternity fashion! As a style lover, how do you stay on trend with a big huge balloon belly? Well, I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade. #1 tip, ADAPT! You do not need to buy pregnancy cardigans and sweaters and blazers – keep those pieces unbuttoned, or if they are unwearable, they can hibernate until next season. Pregnancy PJ’s and activewear? That’s just a money grab! Most of your activewear likely has lycra and if you’re like me, those PJ’s are loose and comfy enough to slide on, belly and all (just rest the waist below your tum). PJ pants still bothersome? stick to a nightie – they’re nice and loose. Luxury Labour Bags has SERIOUSLY everything you need including before, during and after labour including a really nice comfy nightie. I have the LUX Mama Bag. If you have a drawer full of compression leggings, get yourself a pair of these – they will be your new uniform. If you’re attached to your current brand, just buy a size up, you can use them post-baby for lazy days. Pregnancy without leggings is like peanut butter without jelly!

Luckily for me, most of my pregnancy has fallen in the spring/summer which has resulted in me living in dresses. I do suggest that every mama purchase one or two pairs of pregnancy jeans, but even with the stretchy waistband I’ve been more comfortable in a throw-on dress. As we move in to fall, I’ve been recycling my summer dresses and transitioning them with boots, scarves and jackets. I found a great tunic from Pink Blush Maternity, I’ve been tossing this over leather leggings and calling it a day. So nice to feel feminine with this big belly.

Now let’s talk about shapes. It’s hard to feel like you’re wearing something flattering no matter what, but for a shorter and smaller frame like mine – tighter is better. If you have a taller build, you can get away with the cute babydoll dresses and the looser (and comfier) tops. I purchased a few good everyday dresses and a few fancier and event-appropriate dresses. I’m usually against frequent outfit-repeating, but pregnancy has forced me to break that rule. I have been living in this Pink Blush Maternity dress (thank goodness for all the colour choices). It’s light, flattering (yes I said the F word) and easy to transition from day to night. Because of the nature of my job, the events and meetings don’t slow down just because I am (seriously, did you mamas feel SLOW?). I love this Thyme dress for fancier occasions, and toss over a denim jacket when I need to dress it down (these days I just don’t have time for a full outfit change). ASOS also has some great dress options like this white cocktail dress which I may just wear to my baby shower.

You guys know I’ve been most comfortable in something a little bit tighter, like this red bodycon from Pink Blush Maternity. I love this dark rich red for fall. It helps bring some colour into my life on grey days. And it’s SO comfortable. 

Do you guys have any tips/tricks for maternity fashion? It’s been fun dressing this bump, but my gosh am I excited to start dressing my little man, there is nothing cuter than baby clothes.

N xx 


Photography by Brooklyn D Photography

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