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Is it just me or is it especially sad to see this summer go? I feel like it didn’t really get started until it was almost over! I guess we’ll just chalk it up to 2020. Although we didn’t get much of a summer, Fall is one of my FAVOURITE times of the year!! Helloooo cozy knits, toasty fires, and comfort food. I love waking up early to feel the air change and stepping outside on a crisp day to see all the beautiful leaves. Fall always feels a little more relaxed to me (which I’m so ready for). I feel like I spent the summer juggling pool days with the family, working from home, catching up on emails, partnerships, and campaigns, all while doing my best to sneak in some gardening whenever I had a few minutes to spare. This fall, I think we’ll all have to get a little creative with ways to embrace the season while still being COVID-friendly. I’ve been thinking a lot about my fall bucket list and wanted to share it with you to give you some fall inspo! I’m so excited for all seasonal firsts for Pierce this year and am more than ready to throw on my favourite chunky sweater with a pair of boots and make the most of the season. Cozy vibes, here we come!!!

Fall Activities

Apple and Pumpkin Picking

I’ve been looking forward to this one all year. I absolutely can’t wait to take Pierce to Taves Family Farm, one of my fave spots for a fall day trip! It’s soso great for kids and has everything from a petting barn and pony rides to pedal karts and a sunflower patch! Their pumpkin patch and apple picking are so much fun, and Pierce loved taking what we picked home. Their new Taves Estate Cidery is also a must. All their in-house ciders were so delicious I can’t wait to go back for more. 

Fall Decorations

I love bringing a bit of fall festivity into our home when the season starts. I usually get Gary and Pierce in on the fun and help me pick which pumpkins to use where. This year I’m envisioning some cute white pumpkins and pots of fall florals to add some fall vibes to our home. I usually start by decorating the outside porch and then working my way inside with subtle details here and there — nothing too crazy!


My little cutie Pierce is getting into his hiding phase which means tons of peek-a-boo, and I can only imagine how much he would love a REAL LIFE peek-a-boo game in the corn maze. 

Puddle Jumping

While I can’t say I love the rain…I AM excited to pull on mine and Pierce’s matching yellow Hunter boots and take them out for a spin. Pierce hasn’t really jumped in puddles or leaves yet, and I think that would be SO much fun to do on a rainy afternoon when we’re stuck indoors. November is the rainiest month here in Vancouver, so why not make the most of it and have some fun!! 

Cozy Nights In

Cozy nights in are total bliss to me, and with COVID still in full swing I can’t think of a better time to bundle up and stay inside. My ideal FNI (fall night in) is turning on the fireplace and watching a classic black and white movie while cuddled up with my boys under a ton of blankets. Cue the sound of rain against the windows. Throw in some tasty goodies and some hot apple cider (or maybe a glass of wine depending on the week I’ve had), and that’s a perfect night. Now about those tasty goodies… 


Fall Treats


Is it really even fall without a pumpkin spice latte? I stopped drinking coffee about six months ago when COVID hit, but I don’t think I could go through the season without treating myself to one (or a few) of these. I can’t wait to have mine with oat milk and indulge in fall’s favourite drink.

Fall Baking

I can’t WAIT to start baking more cozy fall treats using my beautiful new Breville Bakery Chef. We got ours in Damson Blue, and I’m obsessed with how it looks on our kitchen counter. It has so many features and is super user-friendly. If this doesn’t make me into a pro baker I don’t know what will lol! Get ready for some pumpkin spice baked goodies and apple pie how-tos!

Soup Season

I love my comfort food, and there’s nothing more comforting than a hot bowl of soup. I’m all about the classics when it comes to soup and am so looking forward to making some tomato basil and butternut squash. I make them in big batches and freeze them for super easy dinners on those lazy nights. 

Safely Hosting

Harvest Moon Gathering

I can’t stop thinking about the idea of hosting a super intimate harvest moon gathering! To me, this is the ultimate symbol of letting go and starting anew. As we say goodbye to summer and all the life that bloomed, we welcome fall as a fresh start. According to ancient rituals and practices, including Ayurveda, the full moon can help us let go of stagnant energy, break bad habits, and release ourselves from thoughts that don’t serve us anymore. I can’t think of a better reason to gather my girl gang and connect over a cozy night with such a powerful meaning. My thought is to prep all the ingredients for a delicious fall meal and cook it up together as a team. I find it so rewarding and special to work together with friends in the kitchen. At the end of the night, I’ll prep us all some Soma Milk to end the evening and send us all off to sweet dreams!

PS… Harvest Moon by Neil Young is hands-down my favourite song and one I listened to constantly while I was pregnant with Pierce. I used to put on belly buds so he could listen along, and he still recognizes it to this day!

If you’re thinking of hosting your own harvest moon gathering you can find some more info on dates and times to watch for it here.


As you all know by now, I absolutely love Thanksgiving. It’s such a special time to gather our fam and be thankful for one another! Last year was my first time playing host for our entire family and I’m crossing my fingers and toes it will be safe for us to all gather again this year. I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to show off my new dinnerware from Fable’s collaboration with my beautiful friend Tori.


Reading For Myself

Fall feels like the perfect time to reset and get back to the things that bring me joy and keep me sane. I would absolutely love to sit down and treat myself to some uninterrupted reading time. I have so many unfinished books on the go for everything from work to health. I’m going to make the effort to finish a book FOR ME, cover to cover. 


Family Time

I’m really looking forward to the fall and winter months as they give everyone the chance to slow down and spend more time together!! I’m sure none of us will have much of a choice but to hunker down with our loved ones with COVID and cold/flu season approaching, but I’m actually excited! I really want to spend some unscheduled time with Pierce and let the days just unfold how they may. Those are often the best days with my little guy. 


After being in isolation for a few months, I’ve had the chance to get to some projects that I might not have normally been able to. One of which is going through alllllll my clothes. Doing my annual closet clean-out always gives me a fresh perspective and the opportunity to do something meaningful with what I no longer need! I always donate any dressier pieces that would work for an interview or new job to Dress for Success Vancouver. They accept clothing, shoes, and accessories that give women the opportunity to get back into the workforce. It makes me feel so good knowing that I’m helping empower women in need with clothes that might have otherwise continued to hang in my closet unused. I love that my clothes have new life in them!! I’m also the one to gather my whole family’s used goods and find the right place to donate them. There are so many great resources out there for donating everything from used kitchen-wear to clothes!

Working Out

I used to love getting in my daily sweat and seeing the benefits of working towards my fitness goals (both mentally and physically). Ever since having Pierce, I’ve struggled to get back into the swing of things and have decided that this fall I’m making it a priority! I’ve been doing well with getting out for a daily walk or hike, but I’d like to kick it up a notch and get back into running. It feels so good to start the day after a run feeling clear-headed, energized, and proud of myself for carving out time to put my health first.

What do you have on YOUR fall bucket list?? Share your ideas below … I might have to steal some!!

n xx


September 14, 2020


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