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It’s that time of year; high-schoolers are excited to get back to class and see their crush, University students dreading the upcoming lectures and no-schoolers gearing up for a rainy fall.  Whether you’re headed back to class, or having to give-up your weeknight beach beers, I have something that might help you get your mind off  the September blues; new books, and new distractions!  Tired of typing e-mails, or maybe of reading your calculus text? Don’t worry, the below picks are the best escapes for your busy Fall! Thank goodness for the team at Indigo (our fellow Canadians) for always suggesting the best books.

For the curious and determined teens!

How to be a Bawse:

A guide to conquering life. Youtube star Lilly Singh tells young go-getters how she’s built a successful career, with over a billion supporters. She gives readers 50 rules to reach their goals. Some of which include advice like “Being the Dumbest” which advises people to surround themselves with  people who will challenge them, and force them to improve.

Dividing Eden

This one is for the dreamers, a nice juicy fiction tale with all the most vital elements. This new fantasy series features monsters, kingdom’s, mystery, romance and betrayal. I think those are all the ingredients to get your mind off of history class!

For the big-kids (adults)


Suze Yalof Schwartz writes a “simple guide to meditation for busy skeptics and modern soul searchers”. I think most of us can agree we sometimes fall into one of those categories. Unplug is said to reinvent meditation for those of us who believe we don’t have enough time in the day, and that meditation “just isn’t for you”. Give it a try – you’ll thank me later.

Fierce Kingdom

New York Times called Fierce Kingdom an “Expert made thriller,  clever and irresistible” Author Gin Phillips is an “electrifying” tale about the unbreakable bond between mother and son, and the lengths that the mother will go to protect her  young boy.

The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle is a memoir written by Jeanette Walls, it walks through an incredibly difficult upbringing in a poverty-stricken neighborhood with completely dysfunctional parents. The book has won a number of awards, been transformed into a feature film, been translated into 22 languages and sold 2.7million copies. This one is a must-read.

Dust off your reading glasses and  pull out your favorite PJ’s, I’ve got you covered for a cozy (thrilling, inspiring, alluring, gripping) fall!


I want YOU to be able to read all these great books! I’ve teamed up with Indigo to offer a $100 gift card for your back-to-school books.

Comment your favorite book and why for a chance to win! Don’t forget to include your e-mail address.

**Congratulations to our winner, Natasha Benson**

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August 21, 2017


  1. Natasha Benson says:

    Favourite book this summer – Adventures in Human Being by Gavin Francis! xxx

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