Day 5 – The Gift of the Fraiche Foodie

Natalie Langston


Ho ho ho and a Merry Holiday Season to you all!! This is Santa Natalie here 🤶 reporting to you LIVE from the shipping desk, and do you know what that means? It’s time for my 🎄 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAYS!!!! 🎄 My little elves and I have been working around. the. clock. to make our SIXTH year in a row bigger and more amazing than ever. I promise, it’s going to blow your socks off. We have GREAT prizes to share, all from brands that I’m so excited to be working with (33 in total!!!) and amounting in total to over  $18,000 CAD in value! Eeeeeeeeee!!! 

So keep an eye on my blog since that’s where I’ll be posting details about the prizes and how to get your hands on them. We’ve REALLY outdone ourselves this time. Oh, and did I mention that we have not one but two (yes, TWO) bonus days???? That’s FOURTEEN DAYS of giveaways happening on my BRAND NEW SITE. I am SO excited to finally be sharing this with all of you after months and months of planning, plotting, calculating, swatching, and keeping it alllllll under wraps 😉 Building a new site has been a huge priority for me so that we have a place to hang out that really feels like home, and you’ve all been such a great support over this past year that I wanted to give you the BIGGEST and WARMEST thank you I possibly could! This is going to be SUCH an amazing year!! I will see you RIGHT HERE from now until December 14th with a new giveaway EACH. DAY. 🎁🎁

And just like that, day FIVE of our 12 Days of Giveaways 2021 is upon us!! We are giving away the Gift of the Fraiche Foodie valued at approximately $800.00 CAD!!!!!  Today we’re featuring two badass local women, the first of which is also a friend of mine….

I met Tori Wesszer from Fraiche Living through my girlfriend Karlene Karst. I had already loved following her updates and content creation on Instagram, and am overjoyed that we ended up becoming friends as well!!! I love supporting Tori as she’s doing such amazing things and I can’t wait to see what is in store for this next year for her and her growing business.

Tori is contributing tons of goodies from TWO of her business projects!! Her first business is Fraiche Living, which is all about her passion for GOOD FOOD and NUTRITION helping you to be your BEST from the inside out. Tori wrote a cookbook with another one of my very good friends Jillian Harris, and they BOTH signed a copy and sent it my way to give to YOU. 

The book, Fraîche Food: Full Hearts (worth $40), is such a lovely compilation of Jillian and Tori’s favourite recipes that they have had in their families for years. I LOVE the way it’s set up around occasions and it has one of my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE recipes for chocolate chip cookies. It’s packed with much childhood nostalgia but with a twist: it’s very much plant-forward and updated to be healthier (while still maintaining its delicious integrity) wherever possible!! Tori has a background in nutrition, so she has tons of wisdom to apply, but she knows there’s a delicate balance between making things healthy and making things TOO healthy, LOL. You can still have delicious and tasty treats, it’s just about exercising moderation!!

Tori’s also sent us some of Fraiche Living’s new foodie-themed prints, which are SO PERFECT for the foodie on your list this year!!! She has the cutest holiday cards too– you can check them all out here!! One lucky winner will receive 3 prints + a bundle of holiday cards in an 8×10”, valued at about $100.

ALSO from Fraiche Living (Tori’s really spoiling us!!) we’re giving away a 1 year subscription to her Meal Plan (valued at $120), which basically takes the guesswork out of meals for an ENTIRE YEAR!!! If that’s not something to get excited about then I’m jealous about the amount of time you have on your hands HAHA. Cause I definitely struggle to balance it all AND plan and cook healthy meals for my family, so this platform is truly a godsend!!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST (yes, this is a four part giveaway… !) we’re gifting an ENTIRE WEEK of meals from Fresh in Your Fridge, worth $550!! The brainchild of Erika Weissenborn,FIYF is a private chef company that works with you one-on-one to create fully customized meals cooked in your home OR delivered to your doorstep. Each personally made weekly menu incorporates each of your family member’s dietary restrictions… Yes please!!! This is on my wish list this year.. Especially since I’m trying to get healthier post-partum and going into the new year. Fresh in Your Fridge is SUCH a wonderful local business and with so much heart. I am SO very excited and PROUD to have partnered with such an incredible growing business!!

In just a week they will save you SO much time and energy that grocery shopping, meal prep and planning takes so that you can stay on track in your life, health and wellness goals while also spending more time with the people that matter. This TRULY makes life easier while bringing joy and ease to your food. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!!

The Gift of the Fraiche Foodie

from Fraiche Living & Fresh in your Fridge 



*Please note this giveaway is only available in Vancouver/Lower mainland (West Van to Langley)

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And that’s another day of giveaways behind us!! Honestly this might be one of my favourite days… not only because we have so much to giveaway from such insightful, intelligent and powerful women, but because food means SO much in everyone’s lives. It’s the first step to taking care of your body, and in turn helps your mind and spirit, and can serve as such a basis of connection with your family. I’m so excited for our lucky winner (whoever you are…) to receive this package!!!

Stay tuned for NINE more days of giveaways!! Meet me back here tomorrow for more health + healing ❤️


December 5, 2021


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