Baby & Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Natalie Langston


Growing up my mom always made Easter really special for my sister and I. We woke up to a trail of mini eggs and chocolates leading us to our long-awaited Easter baskets and we also went to Sunday school and knew the importance of Easter. I loved that my mom always made it so memorable for us in so many ways, not just our Easter baskets filled with goodies. So that’s why I have carried on the same tradition in my home with my two boys and I hope to make Easter just as memorable, year after year.

I made both a baby and toddler Easter basket and they are ready to go for my two little babes. The big one (aka Gary) is not quite ready yet, I ran some errands earlier and handpicked some things I knew he would love other than just chocolate, like craft beer, golf-related faves and an espresso cup. But back to my babies, this year I did a mix of chocolate and non-chocolate fun things, filled to the brim with their fave things. I always opt for fun spring activities we can do together outside, like the sidewalk chalk and the Little Gardener set, both from Indigo.

I hope you find inspo from these for your little ones and give them a mix of chocolate and fun things they can do this spring with you. I can’t wait for them to follow their Easter trail to their baskets of goodies this Sunday, I just hope it’s not TOO early haha.

I found most of what is in their baskets from Indigo with a little delivery from Lindt, for the icing on top. However, if you skip Easter baskets this year, Easter will be just as special and I hope that you enjoy the day with those you love!! 


Would you guys like me to take you through a little tour on my IG stories? Let me know in the comments below. What did you include in your Easter baskets? I’m always looking for new ideas!!




Baskets: Michaels 

Sidewalk Chalk: Indigo 

Jellycat Lamb: Indigo 

Little Gardener Set: Indigo 

Jellycat plants: Indigo 

Colouring Sugar Cookies: Indigo 

Peppa Pig car and house: London Drugs 

Chocolates: London Drugs 

My First Easter Book: Indigo 

Rattle: Buy Buy Baby 

Sensory toys: Indigo 

Adore cars: Indigo 

Name Puzzles: Dazzle Your Puzzle 

Photography Camilla of Friday Eve Photo


April 15, 2022


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