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Ok guys, I’ve been busy so I’m bringing back last year’s gift guide, not to mention it’s too good not to share again! I’m so, so blessed to have had Gary by my side with everything that’s been happening, and am beyond excited for his fourth Father’s Day….already?!! I for one have definitely learned to appreciate quality time with the people who are close to my heart, and am so grateful for every day that they are healthy and safe.

The special people in our lives mean more than ever after this past year. Two major themes I had in mind while making this list of gift picks were preparation for adventure and making memories last. I hope it helps cultivate special moments that your family will treasure forever. Scroll down for our Father’s Day gift guide.

1. Wireless Earbuds | 2. Shaver | 3. Custom Map | 4. Mini Camera | 5. Grooming Products| 6. Electric Toothbrush| 7.  Sunglasses | 8. Waterproof Slides | 9. Golf Balls | 10. Smartwatch | 11. Tumbler | 12. Wallet | 13. Gym Bag | 14. Sweatshirt


For the Dad that: is New (and SuperDAD!)

New Dads everywhere deserve to be celebrated after such a crazy year. I know Gary’s really been Super Dad with everything that’s been going on!! Something personalized will draw at his heartstrings- Mapiful Custom Maps let you bring a memory or story to life, like your baby’s birthplace. Just plug in the coordinates.

Last year I made him a Chatbooks Photo Book full of photos of him and Pierce together in his first year. It’s one of his favourite gifts (I mean, how could it not be?) They have tons of different cover options and the interactive pages are fun for the kids to fill in. You can use code TEAMCB20 for 20% off everything (excluding Minis + Gift Cards). 

Help him build his own catalogue of special moments with a film camera, which feels so much more intimate than phone photography and won’t add to his photos folder overflow! Get him a mini camera to help him not miss a moment and bring the great ones with him as he goes <3 

Being a new parent means catching a snooze whenever you can. A comfy sleep mask and slippers help the transition from putting-baby-to-bed to putting-daddy-to-bed at 2am OR pm haha.

Lastly: Alcohol… Need I say more? I’m infatuated with the growing Izo Spirits collection of premium, sustainably crafted agave spirits. They’re made with slow-roasted, wild agave harvested on the local ranches of the founder’s hometown, and the line includes Mezcal Joven, Mezcal Ensamble, Mezcal Reposado, Mezcal Añejo, Sotol, Bacanora and Tequila Extra Añejo Cristalino. Sadly they aren’t available in Canada, but if you have family in the US send them a bottle and ask them to try to save you a little or a lot haha for your next visit! (Canadians can find a droolworthy selection of Mezcals at Zyn.ca)

A decanter is great for morale when it’s been a long day and both the kids are crying. Plus, keep your spirits up with a cocktail kit 😉


For the Dad that: Loves to Cook

To the man who loves to cook: thank you. Help him feel confident in the kitchen with a little flair- like replacing an old mitt (we’ve been BBQ’ing tons, I got this for Gary) or giving him a little restaurant style. Have you seen how techy some of their aprons are becoming? Something that keeps tools handy will let Dad show off his plating skills in your café-à-la-maison.

A new kitchen toy is a fun way to get the family together for dinner, a show… and a learning experience! Breville is the GOAT of forward-thinking appliances that you won’t mind leaving on the counter. The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo makes perfect 2-minute wood fire style pizzas, plus it has settings for New York, Pan, Thin & Crispy and Frozen pizzas. The Smoke Gun is an easy way of playing with new flavours and will have the house smelling great in the process. Their Joule Sous Vide connects to an app on your phone and is trustworthy to leave cooking while the family is hanging out in another room. 

For the Dad that: Loves to Travel & Explorer

The Travelers/Explorers must be itching to get out… or maybe that’s all of us! Make sure he’s ready for adventure with a classy Lambert Bag. The Sidney is perfect for staycations and upcoming travel, with a suitcase strap and front-opening access to get to clothes without having to pull out everything else! The Mia Backpack has tons of compartments and comes with a changing mat so you can take on blowouts anywhere- so practical!

Having a few classic styles of sunglasses around is key for differentiating styles in the summer. Carrera’s Safaris are a nice change from an Aviator and the collab with David Beckham has such fresh details.

Something about this year has made it so easy for our memories to slip- constantly seeing the same spaces and faces makes it harder to distinguish big (or little) events. Having a journal from this time to look back on will be so interesting, especially since the kids are young!

For the Dad that: Likes to be Comfy at Home (that’s everyone!)

WFH = cozy clothes, always. The limit does not exist. This (hoodie & joggers)  grey set from Toboggan’s luxe fleece collection is gender neutral- so it’s universally flattering. Plus it’s Canadian! I love an opportunity to get all matchy matchy 🙂

Even (especially) when working from home, sweats that are adaptable (and fashionable) when on-the-go are critical!! Try something from KuwallaTee’s Chino Jogger 2.0 collection— they’re super lightweight and durable. 

West Coast Wild Child actually sent us matching ones for Gary, Pierce and our new little babe- SO cute. I can’t wait for them to wear them all together!! Pierce loves cozying up in his ‘West Coast Best Coast’ sweater… and we LOVE seeing him in it! Just wait until you see the giveaway YOU could WIN below 😉

I love this stoneware mug – it’s a great follow-up to the tumbler I got him for Easter, which he LOVES. (He also loves his personalized espresso cup. Coffee coffee coffee!)






For the Dad that’s: Looking for a Little More Self-Care

Self-care… what’s that? Jk! I’ve learned that somehow the time spent brushing my teeth or taking off makeup is when I get to really check in with myself. Reaching for a product that minimizes pretty much does the task for me (like brushing my teeth) means I get to better reflect on the day, like moments spent with friends and family. If Dad isn’t upgraded to an electric toothbrush yet, now’s the time. They’re insanely effective. Plus, Brüush’s refill plan makes it easy to change the head on time! Brüush released a stunning line of colours with their Spring/Summer 2021 collection, including a rich shade of emerald and a cool grey (pantone of the year!) I’m so excited for the grey ones they’re sending Gary and Pierce to arrive just in time for Father’s Da- they’re going to have so much fun bruushing their teeth together!

Update the man’s manual razor routine with the Phillips S7000 Shaver— it was co-designed with dermatologists and has advanced SkinIQ technology, protective SkidGlide coating and motion-sensing technology to deliver a close shave with optimal skin comfort. After a year under a mask, Dad’s sensitive skin deserves a little extra TLC! Plus you can pair it with the GroomTribe app for personalized skin metrics and advice. So advanced!

KeepIt Handsome knows that being handsome is more than just about how you look– it’s a behaviour. Their distinguished grooming products for men are all paraben free, made in Canada and not tested on animals. The company also helps to #FightUgly and #KeepItHandsome by teaming up with like-minded organizations to spread positivity, acceptance and anti-bullying. Check out their #FightUgly Hoodie— a percentage of its sales are donated to anti-bullying organizations.




For the Dad that: Loves to Adventure Outdoors

Outdoor dates have proven to be such a relief, especially this year – whether it’s to see friends, get active or look at new sites from what’s in your home haha! Things that look good and you love to use make it that much easier to get up and moving, and you gotta love sleek gym bag with lots of storage. Rains set out to create the perfect one– I loove the Rains brand! Their stuff is so well made. Seeing your metrics can be so motivating and the Fitbit Sense seems to have just about every sensor you could need with heart rate, resting heart rate variability, breathing rate, skin temperature and SpO2 (oxygen level). It’s also the first smartwatch with an electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor, which helps you track and manage stress. Plus it has 6+ days of battery life and comes with a free 6-month trial to Fitbit Premium. Incentives all around!

Also, always on Gary’s list: ProV1 Golf Balls (you can’t have enough balls, LOL) 


For the Dad that: Is Soooo Into Tech

Tech Dads are ahead-of-the-trend, sleek and want to keep their toys in tip-top shape. Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live bring minimal but flashy design, great battery life, and Active Noise Cancellation which is a life-saver for work calls (plus, save up to $70 until July 1!*) Or, if he’s more of an AirPod guy, find him some quality, stylish protection that will age with grace! 

I also can’t get over this Aroma Mosaic by Saje x The Little Market (by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla)! It’s a female lead non-profit, fair trade shop that celebrates the cultural techniques and traditions of women artisans around the world, and brings attention to the social justice issues faced by their communities. The hexagonal pattern and gold foil detailing would look so good on a desk, is heat-free, and has options for 6 hours of continuous misting or 12 hours intermittently. Haha, I might end up stealing this one… shh! 

*Note: promotion details are subject to change.






For the Dad that: Is a Minimalist

The Minimalist wants form, function and… actually multiple functions, to save space please. A slim wallet is elegant, modern and covert. I love  I love Ekster’s Senate Cardholder in Roma Cognac  or Aluminum Cardholder in Matte Black. They’re designed to be organized and easy to use, cleverly saving time and peace of mind! Also, a wireless charging pad is for the minimalist AND techy dads. Minimize cords and keep everything in one place.

One more: Birkenstocks are classic, but what about their Waterproof Slides? These are pool/boat/beach friendly and the ultimate compromise between a Croc and Birkenstock. Pair with the Tobaggan set (hoodie & joggers) so he’s all prepped for those last-minute dog walks and trips to the park!







1. Wireless Earbuds | 2. Shaver | 3. Custom Map | 4. Mini Camera | 5. Grooming Products| 6. Electric Toothbrush| 7.  Sunglasses | 8. Waterproof Slides | 9. Golf Balls | 10. Smartwatch | 11. Tumbler | 12. Wallet | 13. Gym Bag | 14. Sweatshirt

On this very special Father’s Day, I hope this helps you to express your gratitude to the ones that are newly anointed and to the ones that have been in the game for a while. I look forward to hearing all about how YOU celebrated the special men in your life this year in the comments below!!

n xx


June 16, 2022


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