9 Ways to Host an Academy Awards Party

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Forget Summer (I mean, who can remember what that’s like anyways?) Awards season has to be hands down my favourite season. The fashion, the camaraderie and the celebration of people’s blood, sweat and tears. It completely gives me goose bumps! With the Oscars airing on Sunday, I’m sharing on both JRFM Thursday at 1245pm and Global BC on Friday during the noon news how to have the best Academy Awards Party! And I’ve also put together nine simple ways to host a memorable viewing party just for you below!

Image: Honestly YUM

Preparation is Key

Before the big day, consider hosting a series (or marathon if you’re keen!) of the nominated films. I’m a huge movie buff and a few that I saw and absolutely loved are: La La Land— saw at Whistler Film Festival (WFF) during Opening Gala; Lion— I even interviewed screenwriter, Luke Davies; Miss Sloane—interviewed the Oscar Winning Director, John Madden during the WFF; and Manchester by the Sea— saw during VIFF premiere. When you see a few films, start to make mental notes of who you’d vote for. Manchester by the Sea is such a magnificent story and Casey Affleck shins! He is definitely my pick for Best Actor. As for best picture La La Land has been cleaning up this award season and I’m confident the Oscars will be no different.












Dreamy Décor

Let your guests feel like the stars of the show! This year I’m making DIY Hollywood walk of fame with all my guest’s names and their nominated ‘best’. I’ve followed this how-to here http://jojotastic.com/2015/02/17/classy-easy-movie-viewing-par.


This year I’m adding in a DIY manicure station. I’ve pulled my favorite colors from Revlon (‘Untamed’ is the perfect Oscar’s polish!), picked up a few added nail appliques (because if you can’t don a jewel on Oscar night, when can you?), grabbed cotton balls, polish remover and set up at the back of the room! I love this idea because it’s a nice way to spend the commercial breaks and with the awards on a Sunday it can feel like you’re giving yourself a little pre-work week TLC!

Image: Hither and Thither

All About the Appies

Is a movie without snacks really a party? I don’t think so. I like to keep our house brimming with food when guests arrive. I can’t recommend Hopcott Meats enough! I love their Charcuterie Platter filled with local cheeses and artisan crackers. They have hickory smoked-in-house meats that come from local, hormone free farms. Their artisan cheese is made in Maple Ridge and their gluten-free crackers come from Nelson. Another favourite for the heavier meat-eaters are their Meatballs in Korean garlic sauce. Again, non-gmo, hormone and antibiotic free beef in a homemade sweet and spicy sauce. Are you salivating already? Local appies are a great way to explore tastes in our own backyard and support BC companies!

Image: Julie Christine Photography

Build-Your-Own Popcorn Bar

Reminiscent of Build-Your-Own-Sundae stations, a custom popcorn bar is the seemingly grown up version. Air-pop plain popcorn, pre-portion into cute paper bags and offer a variety of toppings; for those that like it sweet: m&ms, nibs, mini-marshmallows, sprinkles, and for those wanting savory, I like fresh rosemary, flavoured salts, bacon bits, pepper, roasted peanuts and nutritional yeast for that ‘cheesy’ flavour! Trust me when I say, this will go quickly! Be sure to keep your air-popper popping!

If time is a factor (when isn’t it?), or you just want to enjoy the show and not continually manning the air popper, I recently discovered The Popcorn Bar! They’re an awesome gourmet popcorn company based in North Vancouver. They offer a variety of different popcorn types along with all the little touches and details that really bring it together—popcorn in champagne flutes, classic black and white popcorn boxes and flavours that will make you salivate! Bollywood bliss is a gorgeous yellow hue with a turmeric and curry spice and Hollywood Smoke Show is a smokier than average BBQ– your guests will be pocketing this one for the road!

Image: Honestly YUM

Image: Christine Kysely

Bubbly & Bevies

Fact: nothing says luxury quite like Moët & Chandon. The iconic bubbly has long been linked to the cinemas and in celebrating the success of all those nominated. Moët & Chandon is the official champagne of the Golden Globe Awards as well as International Film Festivals in Venice, San Sebastian, Locarno and our own, Toronto. Bring this awards night tradition into your home and toast to the winners, the runners up and to the future successes of your friends and family! And for a little extra fun, snap a pic at your viewing party and #MoetMoment and connect with all the other movie aficionados celebrating the Oscars! Salut!

Image: Okanagan Crush Pad Winery

And If champagne isn’t your sip of choice, may I suggest a crisp Haywire Gamay Rosé, with citrus notes and a hint of thyme and spice, it’s the perfect compliment to the local cheeses from Hopcott Meats. I often pair these two while I’m in pre-party prep. Nibbling and sipping away as I rearrange furniture or moving things in and out of the oven! If you’re still drooling over the Korean Meatballs, give the Narrative Red a swirl.

Image: Sugar and Charm

And the Oscar goes to…

It’s really not an Oscar party if you’re not collecting ballots! PopSugar has a great printable ballot with all of the 2017 nominee info—you can download here or office pools even has an online pool where you can get your guests into the fun before they arrive! For the person who guessed the most categories correct put aside a small prize (bottle of Haywire, perhaps?), or if you’re really ambitious, find an old Barbie doll and spray paint her gold!

Image: Diamonds for Dessert

Decadent Desserts

I feel like desserts sort of went out the door when people began adopting a healthy diet. I’m not saying to go overboard, but everything in moderation and a decadent desert is certainly something to indulge in every now and again. Plus, they are SO much fun to make. There is a certain satisfaction from crafting an impressive desert that you don’t quite get from tossing a ‘stunning’ quinoa salad!

I’m picking up a few custom deserts from Mon Paris! You can’t go wrong with their pistachio macaroons but for this event, I will be trying out a variety of their individual deserts. Easier to share, plus they look stunning, perfect for the theme of the evening!

If you’re limited in fridge space or oven time (two hot commodities when hosting a party!) serving a cocktail for desert is a great option! This year I am offering a SoFresh Almond Toblerone Cocktail. It’s creamy, cold, and surprisingly light, see recipe below! I will also be sharing this recipe on Global BC this Friday!

Almond Toblerone Cocktail

Serves: 2 martini-glass sized cocktails

1/2 ounce Kahlua

1/2 ounce Baileys

1/2 ounce Frangelico

3/4 cup of SoFresh Almond Vanilla

5 large ice cubes

For garnish: Chocolate syrup or shavings


1. Using a teaspoon, line the sides of your martini glass with chocolate sauce or honey

2. Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, adding ice last

3. Shake vigorously, then strain into martini glass. Enjoy!

Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Swag Bags

Last but definitely not least, swag bags. While Hollywood may be getting iPads, villa vacations, jewels and more, my guests will be enjoying an Oscar’s ‘after-party’ themed favours of assorted mini-bar, my favourite Revlon Kiss Balm (Crisp Apple for added dramatic flare), a box of Tic-Tacs (here’s hoping your night ends with a Hollywood style kiss!) and a few macaroons from Mon Paris to enjoy as a midnight snack!

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Good luck and cheers to the Oscars!!!

Natalie xx


February 22, 2017


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