7 Tips to Make Fall Decor A Breeze

Natalie Langston


One of the main struggles I see with fall decor is how to update a modern space without making it look like the scene of a halloween haunted house… and let me tell you guys, orange does NOT match my colour palette. I like my decor to match the season, so I’ve come up with some creative ways to decorate my house for fall, without the ghosts, ghouls and gourds.

  1. First and foremost WHITE PUMPKINS. I repeat, WHITE pumpkins. I get all mine from Taves Farm, but you can get them at your nearest pumpkin patch – but hurry, because there is usually limited quantity. I love to get these in a variety of sizes so that I can stack them creating some height and arrange them in vignettes throughout my house, using the 3 and 5 number rule of thumb. My favourite look here has been stacking three small white pumpkins and using them as a book-end.

  1. Next up, fresh flowers. Yes, flowers for fall. Some of the most beautiful blooms happen in the autumn months. Use leaves, orange berries and other seasonal arrangements to pull fall elements into your space, which also keeps things fresh. Remember, fresh botanicals brings great energy and oxygen into your space! While I love making my own bouquets, I’m crazy busy so I’ve been counting on Maple Ridge Florist to put them together for me and wow do they ever do such a beautiful job!! Also makes a nice gift to send to a loved one or as a thank you gift.

  1. Now.. to combine point one and two. Creating a floral arrangement out of a pumpkin. This look is perfect for our end table, and is a fun way to give your flowers an autumn feel.

  1. To me, fall is all about getting cozy. Now is the perfect time to invest in some comfy throw blankets and accent pillows. They can transform your space and keep you warm on those chilly evenings. Right now my couch is decorated in Mobilia and Homesense. Plus this really special piece, the chunky blanket was made by Gary’s mom, can’t get much cozier than that! Speaking of my couch, Gary has been joking that it’s my second home office. Sometimes sitting at a desk is too tricky for this pregnant mama. My couch (from Article)  is soooo comfortable it’s been much more appealing than an office chair.

  1. Fifth fall decor tip – art. You may have seen my post on switching up my artwork for fall. Bringing in some fall friendly colours and switching out your prints is a great way to keep things seasonal. I always shop my art from Minted, both for sake of ease and because of their wide product range.

  1. What’s fall without candles… and not one or two. There are candles scattered around every corner of our home. There is a beautiful warm light that comes from a flame that just can’t be duplicated with a light bulb. To me, this warm flickering light perfectly embodies fall. My three favourite seasonal scents are the West Coast Candle from Vancouver Candle Co, the Cascadia candle from Woodlot and K’pure’s Lounge candle.

7. Last, but not least, usually fall means more gathering at home. For us, we are moving from meeting at the beach or on a patio to hosting friends in our space. We want our friends to feel just as at home as we do from the second they set foot at our door. We got this Welcome mat from Wayfair and it’s the perfect touch to welcome our loved ones into our home this fall and winter season.

Is it crazy to say…I can’t wait for Christmas… I’m going to be decorating early this year to prep as much as I can before baby arrives… insert Gary eye roll.

Anyways, how do you guys decorate your space for fall? What do you switch out to keep things seasonal? Let me know in the comments below. 

N xx


Photography by Brooklyn D Photography


November 13, 2018


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