5 Tips for a Relaxing Valentine’s Day

Natalie Langston


Love is in the air and my Valentine’s Day planning is well underway! I don’t care what anybody says, I absolutely love Valentine’s Day. While in a perfect world, your SO would be celebrated each and every day, I know all too well that life can just get so hectic!! Especially when you throw motherhood into the mix! Diapers are not exactly an aphrodisiac LOL! Taking a day to dedicate to romance and love is a welcome change from the everyday hustle. To help you have a stress-free V-day, I’m sharing my 5 tips so you and your love can relax and enjoy each other to the fullest. 

1. Wear something you’ll wear again! Too many times I’ve gone out and purchased some kind of heart adorned little number to wear on Valentine’s Day, just to find it hanging all but unworn in my closet after the 14th! What’s truly sexy is being confident in your own skin and owning your style. Instead, opt for something you feel great in and that makes you stand a little taller. I plan on re-wearing my Bowen Dress from Park & Fifth which I wore over the holiday season. It’s form-fitting and soso flattering while still giving me some breathing room for dinner and dessert! Another great option is to pull out a few pink or red accents from your existing wardrobe for a hint of Valentine’s Day spirit!

2. Stay in! Gary and I used to go out every year for dinner and sit shoulder to shoulder at restaurants with every other lover in the city, but now we opt to stay in which gives us a really fun opportunity to reimagine our space in a romantic way. It’s important to acknowledge that where you and your SO spend the majority of your time can actually be the perfect spot for everyday romance! Gary and I love cooking a meal together with some great wine pairings and then just talking the night away cuddled up on the couch. So grab some roses, candles and champagne, and get ready to have a night IN to remember!

3. Gift an experience. Keep the romance going! While traditional gift like jewellery and lingerie are always fun to receive, Gary and I have been leaning towards more experiential gifts so we always have something to look forward to together! Try treating your SO to an experience that the two of you can use to connect and create a memory post-V day. This year I’m gifting Gary a stay-cation at the Wedgewood Hotel so we can have a night all to ourselves and RELAX. Couples massages and room service here we come!

4. Be present and disconnect. While I definitely tend to get caught up in planning everything down to the last detail, what really excites me about V-day is having an evening to COMPLETELY disconnect and dedicate to my partner. If there’s one place you won’t find me come Valentine’s Day evening it’s answering emails, checking Instagram, or answering any texts. I plan on being fully present to enjoy Gary’s company, and I know I can expect the same from him. With how quickly everything moves in our daily lives, it’s such a rare treat to be able to do that. I can’t wait!

5. Don’t forget something sweet… What’s Valentine’s day without a little decadence? You’ve been hitting the gym, eating healthy, and making a dent in those New Year’s resolutions. Treat yourself to a GUILT FREE night and enjoy yourself without worrying about the carbs and cals. I also love treating the other loved ones in my life to a little something sweet on V-day. While it’s easy to make Valentine’s Day ALL about your SO, I love taking it as an opportunity to tell all my loved ones how much they mean to me. A little card and some Purdy’s chocolate go a long way in letting somebody know you’re thinking about them. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers and loved ones out there! I hope you all get the chance to spend it with somebody that makes your heart feel warm and fuzzy, whether that’s your SO, your girlfriends, or even your fam!

n xx

Photography by Brooklyn D Photography 


February 5, 2020


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