My 5 Travel Beauty Secrets

Natalie Langston


The summer has flown by and the smell of fall is in the air. I have a few work trips coming up which means, you guessed it, travel! I love to travel but it can really take a toll on my skin and hair especially flying and being in any enclosed space with recycled air. Fun! Here are my top five beauty travel tips. 

1. Often times I don’t get enough sleep and have to take red eyes so I am very dependent on La Biosthetique eye patches. I put them on the moment I step on to any flight and it really tightens and calms the eye area with lots of moisture to pump up all the collagen around your eye for an instant lifting effect. I can put on my eye mask over top and sleep then take them off just as we land and look like I got a full eight hours and that there wasn’t a man snoring beside me the entire flight. 

2. Once I get to the hotel, if I have enough time, I try and hop in the shower. As we all know sometimes hotels do not provide the most high quality of shampoos, conditioners and body washes. I like to always pack my own just in case I’m left with the only option of a two in one shampoo and conditioner blend. I think you know what I’m talking about! I can barely get my brush through after and I’m left with quite lacklustre locks. For shampoo I either pack my La Biosthetique Shampoo Vital Protection Couleur or Shampoo Dry Hair also by the same brand. The first one I bring if I have been in the sun a lot because it gently cleanses sun-sensitive hair and maintains colour, vitality and moisture. This leaves my hair with the volume and shine I need. The second shampoo is great for use all the time because its moisturizing, restores softness and shine and adds body to my dry, stressed hair.

3. Every great shampoo should be paired with an equally great conditioner so I use La Biosthetique Conditionneur Protection Couleur. I use this one in particular because it intensively strengthens as well as repairs structurally damaged, coloured hair. It also makes my hair feel so soft and protects my colour from fading. This allows me to get my roots done less, saving me money and saving the quality of my hair!

4. When it comes to my skin it tends to be a bit sensitive and can get pretty dry. I love using Le Bain for a feel-good experience whether I am showering or bathing. It gently cleanses as well as refreshes my skin using active ingredients of milk and yoghurt to provide prebiotic properties that maintain the skins healthy biological balance. Its also a bonus that it smells so good too with notes of lime, basil, lemongrass and pink pepper, as well as vanilla and cedar. Yum!! 

5. After I get out of the shower I need a high quality moisturizer that is going to not cause my skin to react. Le Lait is my go to for velvety and pleasantly perfumed skin. This hypoallergenic moisturizer has a 24-hour effect that pampers my skin with long lasting moisture and maintains the skins sensitive protective acid mantle with probiotics from chicory and yoghurt. I love transferring this body milk to a travel sized container and bringing it with me wherever I go! With these products I know that wherever my travels take me I have the confidence my hair and skin are getting what they need to look their best even if I am not feeling my best. 

Do you have a favourite product that you just can’t travel without? If so let me know in the comments below! 

n xx


Photography by Brooklyn D Photography


September 26, 2018


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