3 Quick + Easy Outfits for Mother’s Day

Natalie Langston


I’ve dreamed about being a mother since I was a little girl; watching my little one grow up: the coos, giggles, milestones along the way. Let me tell you, Pierce has exceeded every thought I’ve ever had, he’s a true blessing, my ray of sunshine and I feel like the luckiest lady in the world! Sometimes as new mothers we can get caught up in all the intoxicating first moments: first laugh, first steps, first words that we forget about our milestones. I have a big one coming up, my first Mother’s Day! As I typed that I couldn’t help but notice the huge grin across my face – Mother’s Day, MY FIRST MOTHERS DAY! 

As a new mom there never seems to be enough time, especially for myself; you’re always on your toes! You build daily routines but let’s face it that doesn’t always go as planned; it’s exhausting but in the most wonderful way! After dressing Pierce in the morning, I take a few minutes to pick out my outfit for the day as well. I know what you’re thinking, “How does she have time to pull herself together so quickly” … well the answer to that is simple, I have some go to styles for every occasion. Luckily for you, I’m here to make life a little bit easier; I’ve got you covered this Mother’s Day and I’m going to share my secrets spots and styles for quick, cute, chic but comfortable looks! 

RW & CO.

RW + CO. Printed Blouse, Camber & Grace Coloured Crop City Legging with pink Longline Check Coat in Adobe Rose multi-

RW + CO has always been a go-to for me, their classic silhouettes cater to women who take pride in looking their best but understand comfort is a must! Their new spring line has me head over heels, if you haven’t checked it out, you’re seriously missing out! One of my favorite pieces right now from RW + CO are my new white pants which are on sale for 40% off; they’ve quickly become a staple piece in my wardrobe. Casual and comfortable, paired with a nice blouse or tee shirt and finished with a long spring jacket that is also on sale for $79.95 and a pair of heels; common’ does it get any better than that?  The Perfect pair for a Mothers Day stroll around the sea-wall, followed by a family brunch.  Can you picture it now? I sure can! 

Reitmans 3/4 Sleeve Jumpsuit in Beetle Green


Next up: THE JUMPSUIT. Chic meets functional, the perfect outfit choice for the mother on the go! Cute, comfortable and the perfect transitional piece, I’m talking picnic in the park to lunch with friends followed by a family dinner! A jumpsuit is an ideal choice for a versatile outfit that you can wear from day to night; believe me, it’ll be your new best friend… or at least the first thing you grab for when you open your closet! My Fierce, yet fun jumpsuit is from the one and only Reitmans! Not only does Reitmans carry a variety of stunning timeless pieces but they believe in giving back, that’s something we can get behind! Reitmans has given over 37,500 items of clothing to charity over the past five years and sold 3500 liters of ice cream to benefit charity—wait ICECREAM, yep definitely need to add that to our Mothers Day plans! Not only can you find your perfect Mother’s day outfit at Reitmans, you can also find great gifts: bags, sunglasses, accessories and so much more, the hard part will be not keeping them for yourself… it’s okay to buy two of everything right? This year I’ve teamed up with Reitmans for their mother days campaign #coollikemom, this campaign celebrates mothers teaching their children to thrive with confidence! What makes you cool like mom? Maybe your new jumpsuit. 

Turnabout Luxury Resale

If Picnics, ice cream and brunch aren’t exactly what you were hoping for this Mothers day, then all I have to say is Red, White or Bubbles? You deserve to dress up and enjoy a glass of wine, Mothers day is all about celebrating the strong, loving women in your life and YOU! Toss on a dress or skirt and let’s hit the town for a late lunch or dinner, your perfect outfit not coming to mind? No problem, Turnabout Luxury Resale has you covered on this one: All saints, Lanvin, Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney, Prada… Do I even need to continue? You’ll be turning heads in anything from this store; and no, it won’t just be because you have the cutest baby on your hip, the spot light’s all on you today!! My favorite finds from my last haul are too cute that you can find on Dress for Success Vancouver’s instagram, check them out here!

White Stella McCartney top: HAD TO HAVE IT. Red and teal Prada skirt: OF COURSE. Red Gucci shoes – YES PLEASE. 

I can’t wait to spend my first Mother’s day with my family, reminiscing on Pierces first few months, basking in the joy that he has brought to us and finally getting to share this special day with my mom, as a mom myself.  Seawall stroll, picnic in the park, brunch, ice-cream, dinner— wherever your day takes you, I hope I could help you go in style. Wishing all you incredible mama’s out there a happy Mother’s day!  

Let me know in the comments section if you end up picking something up from one of my fave spots above!!!

Natalie xx


May 9, 2019


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