12 Days of Christmas: Winners

Natalie Langston


My team always gives me a hard time about holding in surprises. I LOVE gift giving, and usually spoil it by telling the person exactly what they’re getting, weeks before it’s time to open it. SO, as you can probably understand, it has been incredibly difficult for me to wait the 12 days to pick this wonderful list of winners.

This year was one of the most exciting years of my personal and professional life. BUT sometimes with change comes hardship and I am so grateful for all of your support throughout the ups and downs of 2017. I have had the opportunity to work with some of my favourite companies that I have supported for years. I am so grateful to have been able to help grow their brands, and am so thankful to have partnered with some of them to thank YOU for YOUR support.

While I’m so sad to say that 12 Days of Christmas is over, i’m excited to announce that I already have some huge giveaways planned for the New Year.

Thanks to each and every person who entered, and who has been there with me along this journey. Keep and eye out for a big giveaway in January. Now, FINALLY, congratulations to my 12, 12 days winners.

Day 1: Saje Wellness

Congratulations Jada Wiebe

Day 2: Goh Ballet

Congratulations Janis Behan

Day 3: Anara Designs

Congratulations Janice Pierce

Day 4: Vitamix

Congratulations Michelle Tollefsen

Day 5: Phresh Spa and K’pure

Congratulations Bonnie Wood

Day 6: IV Wellness Boutique

Congratulations Monica B

Day 7: Telus

Congratulations Elizabeth Bryan

Day 8: Hush by Dr.Rose

Congratulations Samantha Lenz

Day 9: Casper and Tangent GC

Congratulations Jane B

Day 10: Phillips , Vega, Oxygen Yoga

Congratulations Alex Vieweg

Day 11: Noize

Congratulations Cadi Jordan

Day 12: Fairmont Hotel

Congratulations Elyssa Macfarlane

So Christmas has come early this year, congratulations to all of our winners. Every winner has been emailed directly, please respond confirming receipt of e-mail, so that we can coordinate getting you your prize.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and to the AMAZING brands who partnered with us to give you these great prizes. Merriest Christmas to you and yours, and cheers to another year of adventure, special projects and LOTS of fun!

Love from Natalie and team



December 13, 2017


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