Wanderlust Fest with Adidas

Natalie Langston


About this weekend… what a dream! I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to take a step away from the city and REWIND. If you know me, you know I’m always running at a mile a minute and it is so important to re-connect and get grounded.
I spent the weekend in Whistler with Adidas at Wanderlust Festival.
For those of you who don’t know about Wanderlust; it is a series of festivals (this one being held in Whistler) that celebrate and communicate healthy living and mindfulness. From musicians, to chefs, to yoga instructors to incredible companies like Adidas who are expressing and sharing their brand values, this event acts as a transformative hub located in the beautiful BC mountains.

My time at Wanderlust Fest was filled with yoga, dancing, beautiful music, meditation, collaborating, vulnerability and self love and respect.
On Friday night we arrived and kicked the trip off with shooting some great adidas looks (I couldn’t help but take out my phone and get some beautiful Pacific North West outdoor shots).

After shooting we attended some classes; radiant heart meditation, and right after meditating when you’re in chaos, is it even possible….16-second meditation with David Ji. The answer is YES, it is possible to relax your mind in 16 seconds. David is very supportive in not pressuring you to meditate “properly” but in whatever way works for you.  Both the radiant heart meditation and the 16 second meditation were very insightful and enlightening. I left the morning with a radiant heart, feeling very warm and loving. We finished off the night with “Take a chill pill”: yin yoga for deep relaxation. We held 8 poses each 5 minutes each. I felt very calm, and I was able to let go of feelings I was holding on to.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling rejuvenated, open hearted and ready to RELAX my mind and body. We were up early for 8am meditation class with David Ji. This class was all about mending your tortured relationships.

I had some really important takeaways from this session that I wanted to share with you.

SODA – Stop, observe, detach, awaken. I learned a few techniques and tools to ‘soda’. This was an incredible way to start the day off with love, kindness, compassion in your heart and more patience for all people around you.
After a few more intense yoga classes, and a quick sandwhich lunch; we went into another meditation called “Love Revolution; a sound journey for inner awakening” – I cannot tell you how powerful this experience was for me. It was an incredibly emotional session, that left me with a heavy heart and a great deal of release. I really forced me to connect with myself; looking internally into my heart and soul. To speak in a more personal tone, I had trouble connecting with my parents, that felt a little emotionally blocked, but looking into my future childrens lives was very emotional.. I felt overcome with pride and love for my future family and saw a light come into the room… however; no light was turned on. The experience was really surreal and later explained to me as an enlightened experience. I couldn’t stop crying, but they were tears of joy.

The next class (thankfully I got the tears together) was Magically hips – this was a huge class held in the convention centre and it was centered around connecting, loving and kindness for all the many people in the room. It really brings you back to the NOW to look inside and find what matters the most to you, it made me feel incredibly grateful for the people I have in my life.

We had a quick meditation break and cruised over to the village to see the Adidas pop-up. All thanks to Buick, we had a smooth ride and arrived in style. If you have road in a Buick before, you would know they use a special technology called QuietTuning technology. This eliminates noise from the outside of the car and softens sounds from inside. When your driving it is so crazy quiet and peaceful, which suited my whole weekend perfectly. We then arrived at The Adidas pop-up. The venue was a really cool with a juice bar inside, live music, and some really cool Wanderlust themed gear. We had a tough time being dragged away from the Adidas tent (it was so cute) but finally hopped in the Buick and headed to Alta lake to grab some photos and do a little yoga by the water.

Sunday morning started with the last yoga class of the weekend “awake”. It reminded us to consider this phrase; “now, it’s like this”. This forced us to consider being okay with changes, issues and recognizing that they’ve brought us here, to this moment and finding appreciation for that. Chelsey Korus (the instructor) really encouraged us to lean in on the simplicity rather than chasing complexity. This was a really profound mantra for me that I found really easy to relate to at this point in my life.
Her last phrase was “be awake”, this was very freeing. It invited me to gain the confidence to take on new challenges, while letting go of things that made my life more complicated. Sometimes I worry too much and I need to remind myself to keep things simple. This new move will definitely act as a new challenge for me to tackle.

Not only was the weekend easy on my mind, it was easy on my body. I spent the weekend doing yoga, walking, dancing and relaxing in the worlds most comfortable workout clothes.

A little about style…On Friday I wore the cutest black adidas sweatpants with a black Adidas crop top (I am going to seriously live in these sweatpants), obviously topped off with the new off-white adidas boosts, my new alltime favorite shoes. The best part about this outfit is the high-rise sweatpants are so easy to workout in, run errands in, hang in the house ….. Literally do everything in, IN COMFORT.

On Saturday I wore black cutout tights with some mesh panels up the side, and a super comfortable sports bra, I tossed a t-shirt on from a to b but I did all my activites in the highrise tights sans-shirt (all Adidas ofcourse).

On the last day I wore the same tights (couldn’t get enough of them) with this super casual adidas cropped t. I love the highrise tight with the loose t.

There were so many takeaways from this weekend that resulted in me feeling more evolved and connected. I was able to search more into my soul, and really take the time and consideration to disconnect with the work that is usually on my mind, and think about ME.. This was mentally and physically challenging but has left me feeling more motivated, patient and directional than I have in a long time. I was active, more grounded with nature, felt deep love positive vibes and experienced such an incredible energy through everyone. Thank-you Adidas for a truly unforgettable retreat.

n xx

Thank you to Adidas for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.




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