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As Revlon Professional’s Runway Insider for Vancouver Fashion Week I had an exclusive backstage pass to get the scoop on this season’s top hair trends. Models on the Vancouver runway turned heads with the help of Revlon Professional Stylists, the exclusive hair sponsor of Vancouver Fashion Week. Hair trends for the Fall/Winter 2016 season include undone, messy waves, bohemian braids and sleek updos.

“Each unique hair look is the final statement of the designer’s vision and Revlon Professional is pleased to provide the products and expertise to help do that this season.” Jessica Stevenson, Marketing Director Revlon Professional Brands Canada.

Products used on the models include: Style Masters, UniqOne All In One Treatment, Equave, NutriColor Creme and Revlonissimo.

Revlon Professional Lead Hair Stylist, Julian Lane Scott takes the looks from the runway and showcases how we can style them at home.

Half Up Braided Crown 

This is a done-but-undone look that’s perfect for a girl who wants to keep it natural with a kick.

How to recreate the look:  

Step 1: Start just behind the ear and begin a reverse French braid going around the back of the head. Stay above the ear and nape leaving the hair below out. Continue to work around the head going back to the starting point. Open up the braid to enlarge it as you work.

Step 2: Tuck the end of the braid underneath the beginning of the braid and secure with pins. Visually assess your balance and suitability.

Step 3: Grab random, medium sized sections to curl with a large barrel. Pre-spray each section with modular spray.

Step 4: Tossle the curl and slightly dishevel the braid.

A natural, done but undone braided half up/half down look for an easy on the eyes effect. Great and simple for a girl who wants to keep it natural with a kick.

Products: Modular Hairspray

Bohemian_Wave (1)


Bohemian Waves 

Create waves with a flat iron for this relaxed beachy look.

How to recreate the look:  

Step 1: Grab a flat iron. Randomly select smaller sections. Repeatedly open and close the iron quickly as you feed hair in an S formation. Continue around the head till all the hair is done.

Step 2: After cooled, brush everything down starting with the ends.

Step 3: Spray modular hairspray to hold.

Products: Modular Hairspray

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The Top Roll

This is a quick and easy solution to a beautiful hair roll with the option to keep it clean or slightly broken down.

How to recreate the look:  

Step 1: Back brush the top, sides and back lightly till the mid shaft of the hair.

Step 2: Stand at the side. Grab all the hair and brush smoothly into your hand at a 45 degree angle from the head as if it were a ponytail.

Step 3: Grab a can of Revlon Professional Shine Spray as you are holding the hair and place the can at the ends. Slowly while keeping tension, roll the can and hairspray towards the hair. Once you are at the head rolled in, secure the roll with U-pins. Test security.

Step 4: Wiggle the can out of the hair roll slowly. Make any adjustments necessary after checking profile balance.

A quick and easy solution to a beautiful hair roll. Options to keep it clean or slightly broken down.

Products: Modular Hairspray

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Sleek Pony

This simple sleek ponytail is perfect for days when you want your hair off your face while keeping it professional.

How to recreate the look:  

Step 1: Decide on ponytail placement. Brush all the hair into your hands.

Step 2: Spray a lot of modular spray into roots and comb back cleanly.

Step 3: Once clean, firmly grip ponytail and secure with an elastic cord. Smooth ends.

A simple sleek ponytail for days when you just want your hair off your face while keeping it professional.

Products: Modular Hairspray, Shine Spray

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A beautiful clean way to chignon your ponytail. Great with a fancy dress.

How to recreate the look:  

Step 1: Refer to sleek ponytail

Step 2: Lift ponytail up and lay flat against the head(so it points north). Hold. Put two bobby pins into a small elastic band (num-chuck). Secure ponytail tail against the head about 1 inch from ponytail base.

Step 2: Grab the ends of your updated ponytail and smooth. Use a small elastic to secure the ends. Be gentle.

Step 3: Roll ends nicely and secure to base. Spread the width of the chignon out. Lightly secure the four corners of your shape with U-pins.

Step 4: Spray from far away and use your Revlon Professional can to smooth flyways.

Vancouver Fashion Week FW16, Opening Gala Backstage, Ed Ng Photography

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Vancouver Fashion Week runs March 14 to March 20. For more information including the full show schedule and ticket details, click here.

Natalie xx


Repost from my original story in BC Living

Images by Ed Ng Photography




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