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Natalie Langston


I’m honoured to have partnered with Gentle Fawn and The Keep A Breast Foundation to raise awareness about breast cancer for young women across North America. Gentle Fawn has designed the cutest custom printed kimono scarf to launch their “Check Yourselfie” campaign. All proceeds from this kimono are going to Keep A Breast and I am so pleased and excited to support this incredibly worthwhile initiative.


When I was asked to participate in the initiative it couldn’t have come at a better time as I previously had a bit of a scare myself. Once I was shown how to properly check myself for any lumps or irregular cysts, I felt empowered to take my health into my own hands. I want to help shed light on something that is so easy and that could have extremely positive snowball effects on women’s lives and those of their loved ones.


Maria Dorosh Photography

The Keep A Breast Foundation is the leading youth-focused, global, non-profit breast cancer organization. It’s mission is to eradicate breast cancer for future generations. Constantly pushing the boundaries of the pink ribbon status quo, Keep A Breast has always encouraged young women to love their breasts, get to know their bodies and be aware of changes.

Their team provides support programs for young women impacted by cancer as well as education about prevention, early detection and cancer causing toxins in our everyday environment. There is no doubt that Keep A Breast is truly inspiring with its creative approach to helping young women fight breast cancer.

Maria Dorosh Photography

Maria Dorosh Photography

I decided to wear my Goddess Armour Quartz necklace that provides a calming and peaceful effect, promoting unconditional love. Clear Quartz is the master healer, connecting you to your higher self. Crystals are also healing, protective and beautiful, the perfect Armour for any Goddess and the perfect accessory to go with your Gentle Fawn Kimono.

Maria Dorosh Photography

There are over 120 independent retailers across North America that are on board. Feel beautiful while providing support to our young women. The time to get involved is now. Buy the Kimono here.

Post of a photo on social media with the kimono with the 3 finger Check Yourselfie Keep A Breast sign and use the hashtag #GFLovesBoobies, #GFBabe, #GentleFawn for a chance to be featured.

Go to to purchase your own kimono and help support The Keep A Breast Foundation today!

Natalie xx


Kimono | Jeans | Necklace | Similar Heels| Makeup

Thank you GENTLE FAWN for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

Images: Maria Dorosh Photography 




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