Labour Day Travel Tips

Natalie Langston


I feel so lucky to live in Vancouver but every long weekend I jump at the opportunity to explore more of BC! Not to brag, but I feel a bit like a old pro at hitting the road and maximizing the long weekend! 
Image: Allison Kuhl Photography

Image: Allison Kuhl Photography

Here are my ‘get out of dodge’ tips:
1.) Pack  your bag that morning. Everything. All in. Have that bag by the door, bring it to work or keep it in the car! I recommend the herschel novel duffel— fits clothes, toiletries and has a separate compartment for my runners.

IMG_9941                   IMG_9939IMG_9940
2.) Fuel up the night before— both the car and your cooler bag— you don’t want to stop on your way out of town— beating traffic is essential and no one likes a hangry travel buddy. I recommend the Juice Truck’s raw energy bar and of course lots of green juice! 
Image: Vancity Buzz

Image: Vancity Buzz

3.) Leave the office a tinsy bit earlier— lucky for me, my phone acts as my virtual office. I can hit the road and still fire off e-mails, post to my blog and snapchat… all while riding shotgun of course! 
Image: Ed Ng Photography

Image: Ed Ng Photography

4.) Pack a charger— depending how long you sit in traffic your power isn’t going to last forever and there is no bigger AGHH!!! moment than a phone dying mid caption. I recommend using Ventev’s portable charger— I get 24 more hours of juice to finish what I’m working on before the holiday begins. They also have a rose gold cable and portable charger rose gold alloy cable that happens to perfectly match my phone! 
Rose Gold, Makeup
5.) Make your reservations ahead of time. Be it ferry reso or hotel. Apps like Hotel Tonight are fantastic for last minute finds but when it’s a summer long weekend where everyone is getting out of town, why risk it? 
 I hope everyone enjoys their long-weekend getaways! What are you guys all up to? 
Natalie xx


September 4, 2016





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