Five-minute Fitness for the Holidays

Natalie Langston


Let’s face it, staying fit and the holidays rarely go hand in hand. All summer long we work hard on getting that killer bod and slowly we start to hibernate as the days grow longer and the rain gets harder. And where does all that hard work go? Out the window, that’s where.

Between the festive parties, the happy hours, baking nights, and New Year’s celebrations, I find myself waking up to the taste of eggnog still lingering on my tongue and the last thing I want to do is get on the treadmill and lift some weights for an hour.

To make your life easier and keep you on track, I’ve teamed up with Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club with helpful hints to stay fit with a five-minute workout you can do anywhere, anytime.


Top 10 Tips

• Eat before you go out. Choose protein options that help you stay full longer and prevent a crash later. Remember: Fat doesn’t make you fat; it’s the sugar you have to be wary of.

• Make small changes. For example, stay away from canapés, which are high in fat, and go for the veggie tray instead. Or extra veggies, instead of potatoes or pasta.

• Switch out your alcohol, which is the silent killer. I choose to drink a gin and soda over wine and cocktails. Less sugar and calories, and no hangover.

• Plan in advance. If you know you’re going to a holiday party in the evening, have a healthy breakfast and lunch, and find time for a quick five-minute workout (see below).

• Keep a food journal. Write down each and everything you eat, that way you can detect exactly where you are overeating and when you are overdoing it most.

• Make healthy choices. Choose a protein source, a carb source, and a fat source. Oil and butter is on everything so your fat is covered. Satays, lean chicken bites, deviled egg, fish, tofu, and tempeh are all good options.

• Get your sauces on the side, always.

• Walk around the block. Walking triggers the slow-burning fats that are hard to get rid of. If you are already on holiday, walk on the beach or do some water aerobics.

• Hit the reset button. If you have overindulged and too many happy hours have just been too darn happy, hit the mental reset button and start fresh today.

• Everything in moderation. If you are going to have that Candy Cane Martini, limit yourself to one instead of two or three. And when you do, really savour every last drop.

The workout

To go along with these 10 tips, Steve Nash District Fitness Manager, Austan Tait suggests a resistance-training workout that can take as little as five minutes (five exercises totaling 60 seconds each). If you have 20 minutes, even better: Complete three sets and bike for the last five. It’s simple and easy to do at home, in between parties, or on vacation.
Total body circuit:
Use hand weights that are a good challenge; complete 30-60 seconds of exercise 1-5 each, without rest; switch exercises efficiently to minimize rest and keep heart rate elevated; complete 2-4 rounds based on time available.

1. Squat to overhead press
Works the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, shoulders

Charles Zuckermann Photography

2. Push up to one-arm row
Works the core, chest and back

Charles Zuckermann Photography

3. Mountain climber
Works the chest and core

Charles Zuckermann Photography

4. Alternating lunge with bicep curl
Works the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and biceps

Charles Zuckermann Photography

5. Hip bridge with tricep extensions
Works the glutes, hamstrings, low back and triceps

Charles Zuckermann Photography

6. Rest 30-60 seconds, before starting next set
(Photo Credit: Charles Zuckermann)

Natalie xx


Repost from my original story in Westender.


December 23, 2014





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